Who am I?

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My name is Min FitzGerald and I’m a Behavioural Scientist and Product Manager with a passion for technology, innovation and preventative health and well-being.

Though I’ve been in the tech realm most of my working life, I’ve held a lot of random jobs from being a roving medic for the Vancouver Olympics, to coordinating and marketing residential property development, to a management consultant role at Deloitte, to a Product Manager for an ecommerce startup and to my latest gigs as Director of BehavLab and cofounder of nutrigene.


  • I’ve worked across various industries including Tech, Health, Real Estate, Finance, CPG to Education.
  • I have skills across various disciplines including Behavioural Economics (particularly with applications to UX & UI), Project Management (Agile & Waterfall), Change Management, Supply Chain & Logistics, Process Improvement, and Strategy.
  • Patent contributions: Shopper Ads & Smart Product
  • Press releases: Retail Week

Fun facts:

  • I’ve lived and worked across three continents including North America (Canada: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal), Europe (London, UK and Copenhagen, Denmark) to Asia (Seoul, South Korea).
  • I am big on continuous growth and self-improvement. I run a blog called Stoic Sundays, where I challenge myself to a new activity or stoic musings.
  • I love classical and electronic music. I play three instruments, can you guess which three?
  • I absolutely love the outdoors and sports and wish to do one ironman in my lifetime – I’ll start with doing my next triathlon first.

Message me if you’d like to chat more about interesting projects, like passions and interests!


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